About Us

The Seeds of Power

Like every story has a humble beginning, Oswal Cables started off in 1971, manufacturing bare overheard conductors (AAC/ ACSR).A legend that was born in Rajasthan, eventually advanced to becoming one of India’s leading manufacturers of Transmission & Distribution Conductors, Transformers, and Specialty & Power Cables.
Not known to rest on its laurels, Oswal Cables continued its reign of victory, and thus was born the Grupo Oswal Worldwide Private Limited.

Your Partner in Success

Since its inception in 1971, the Oswal group has only set newer benchmarks in innovation, quality and service. The group is persistently committed to empower it’s users with cutting-edge technology. And while the company confidently strides in to the future, we wish you do so too – as a friend. And as a partner in a story laden with achievements.

The World is Not Enough

Representing principals from India and China, Grupo Oswal Worldwide Private Limited trades in over 50 electrical items that are supplied across the globe. Electrical Items critical to Transmission, Distribution and Substation Projects. The group also has diversified interests in Energy, Telecom, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Water & Waste-water Treatment, Railways, Marine, Transportation and Security & Intrusion Systems.After tasting success across Latin America, Grupo Oswal Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. decided to expand its wings over Central & North America.
And we need ‘YOU’ to be a part of this continued success story.